About us

The association aims to create the framework of cooperation between the administrative-territorial units in the area of Moților - Apuseni Mountains in order to coordinate sustainable development activities in the following areas: transport, tourism and leisure infrastructure, tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry, environmental protection and biodiversity, preservation of traditional culture, art and crafts, promoting the area as a tourist and investment destination, health and safety by facilitating cooperation and information exchange between providers of such public services

Increasing economic opportunities through agricultural activities specific to the mountain and non-agricultural areas, respectively tourism

Research and innovation in accordance with the smart specialization promoted by the European Commission

Organizing, regulating, financing, monitoring and coordinating, jointly, within the competence area of the administrative-territorial units included in the Strategy for the Integrated Sustainable Development of the Land of the Moors, the Development Plan, the Implementation Mechanism, the Investment Plan for the ITI the Moors Country, some public investment projects of regional or regional interest, aimed at the conservation and ecological reconstruction of the Land of Moţi area, the modernization of the infrastructure related to the area, the development of the public and private economic sector, tourism and urban and rural regeneration and the improvement of the quality of life of the population and of a development sustainable on economic principles. ITI and CLLD can coexist in the same space, through the bottom-up approach, the actions placed under the responsibility of the local community (CLLD) can be components of an integrated territorial investment

Ensuring the economic and social development of the Moț area

Initiation, promotion and development of joint projects for integrated development of the area and mitigation of development discrepancies between localities;

Accessing, in partnership, the various sources of international financing, respectively of the non-reimbursable funds allocated within the Operational Programs financed by FESI, in which the local public administrations are eligible as applicants for the non-reimbursable financing.

Development, modernization and improvement of public services

Human resources development, employment rate increase and combating social exclusion and social imbalances.

Attracting as many private investments as possible for the sustainable development of the Land of the Moi area

Providing support to the associates and beneficiaries for the implementation of the Development Strategy, the Development Plan and the mechanism for the implementation of the Integrated Sustainable Development Strategy in the Land of the Moors

Coordination and support of the associates and beneficiaries for the implementation of the Integrated Strategy for the Sustainable Development of the Land of the Moors in a unitary conception and correlated with the programs of economic-social development of the localities, territorial planning, urbanism and environment.